Hunni, I wanna leave 2 cos I'm hungry & maybe I can come &

spend like an hour wif u b4 every 1 comes & sees you…. kewls ?

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Samantha Guimoi


The Trinity of Terror

A narrative of power,

a question of power,

a challenge to power ! …


Sanitee T'Chong

Beware the Ides of March !  17 year old ABC student, Samantha Guimoi, ensnares the men in her life to further her own selfish ends. Mark was but one of a litany of men—and not the last—with whom Sam flirted, seduced, and fucked, to achieve her goals.

Samantha had the power of erotic capital, but the moral and administrative power of bitch brigades and feminine discourses were blind to its capacity. In their myopic view of the world that they fabricated, they inverted power relationships, claiming all women, especially young, nubile Asian student girleens, were victims, Asian victims, of tacit male power.

This is a tale about a monster.….

but who is the monster ?

Mark's relationship with Samantha at the University of No Ideas exposes the dark secrets of the ivory-tower. His relationship with Sam is as much about sex as it is about feminism, student-teacher relationships, and the silly laws and moral discourses that govern the Academy. It is also about the media, moral terror, cyber terrorism, sexuality, and fat peeple….. amongst other fat things.

Samantha Guimoi

$ 27.95 AUD

Paperback 606 pages

Erotic fiction, General fiction

ISBN: 978-0-646-57147-8